Paid leave for all takes all of us

Let’s build a public-private partnership to protect every American from economic loss.

It’s time to prioritize paid family and medical leave benefits for all workers. America’s life insurance companies are eager to work with private employers and government to expand this crucial coverage.

Nearly 62 million Americans benefit from employer-based paid leave. But, that’s not enough.

Whether welcoming a new child, recovering from an injury, or managing illness, all Americans should be protected from economic loss when taking time off from work to care for themselves or a loved one.

By building on and expanding the existing employer-based system, insurers, employers, and government can reach more workers with coverage quickly and cost-effectively.

Americans support a common sense approach to cover more workers.

75% support a partnership between the government and private plans that provides paid leave for employees of small businesses and self-employed workers.

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How It Works

Private insurers have the tools and experience to cover more workers and families through employer-based plans. A public-private partnership can build on this expertise.

  • Over 47% of full-time workers receive paid medical leave benefits through the private sector.
  • Private insurers pay out $11.3 billion in paid leave benefits each year.
  • Private insurers review more than 2,002,000 short-term disability claims annually.
  • Insurers work fast, with most claims paid in just 13 days on average.

Featured Story

Our paid medical leave benefit is really important to employees and also to us in retaining them. To offer short term, long term paid medical leave – people want that, people need that.

— Maureen SanphyOffice Manager and Human Resource Navigator, Robert W. Irvine & Sons, Inc., Commercial Plumbing & Heating


American Families Deserve Better

April 22, 2021  | Susan K. Neely

Nearly 40% of American women experienced a life event during the COVID-19 pandemic that impacted them financially. Many of those women took time off – or left the workforce entirely – to care for loved ones.

Solutions Straight Ahead

April 6, 2021  | Susan K. Neely

Experts are sounding the alarm about the impact of COVID on women’s retirement security. Nearly 40% of women had some sort of life event during the pandemic that has impacted them financially.

Platform in Place for Paid Leave

March 23, 2021  | Susan K. Neely

During the last year, millions of working adults have been forced into a dilemma: earn a paycheck or leave their jobs to care for a child or sick relative.


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